The Puzzle of Left-Handedness


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Left-handedness seems to be no big deal. Many of us are left-handed and those of us who aren't don't tend to give left-handedness much thought. Yet throughout history left-handers have been associated with clumsiness, untrustworthiness and insincerity. The Latin word for left, c;i e;sinister c;/i e;, is redolent of all kinds of ominous connotations. Rik Smits uncovers why history has been so unkind to our left-handed forebears. Through an array of historical anecdotes, strange superstitions and old wives' tales, Smits ...

The Puzzle of Left-Handedness 2012, Reaktion Books, London

ISBN-13: 9781780230436


The Puzzle of Left-Handedness 2011, Reaktion Books, London

ISBN-13: 9781861898739