The Pornography of Meat


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How does someone become a piece of meat? Carol J. Adams answers this question in this provocative book--her most controversial since The Sexual Politics of Meat--by finding insidious, hidden meanings in the culture around us. With 200 illustrations, this courageous book establishes why Adams's slide show, upon which The Pornography of Meat is based, is so popular on campuses and is reviled by the groups she takes on with insight and passion.

The Pornography of Meat 2015, Lantern Books

ISBN-13: 9781590565100

Trade paperback

The Pornography of Meat 2004, Continuum

ISBN-13: 9780826416469

Trade paperback

The Pornography of Meat 2003, Continuum, New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9780826414489

Little Simon edition