BERLIN 1948: - A vanquished city of rubble - sliced into sections by the Allies, and set well back behind the Russian lines. A city of old women, black marketeers and sleazy cabarets in ruined cellars. In the British sector was Squadron Leader Michael Harrison, a war hero who had helped to bomb Berlin into fragments. He hated the Nazis who had killed his sister and her children. But here he was, doing his best to ensure that food and fuel was somehow brought in to save the surviving Berliners. In the Russian sector was ...

The Pathfinder 2004, Corgi Books, London

ISBN-13: 9780552152419

Mass-market paperback

The Pathfinder 2003, Severn House Publishers, Sutton

ISBN-13: 9780727858795

Revised edition


The Pathfinder 2002, Transworld Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780552148238

Trade paperback