The present translation is based on the German original, which has been edited by Professor S. Strasser and published. in Husse1' liana-Edmund H usserl, Gesammelte We1'ke. A uj Grund des N ach lasses ve1'ojjentlicht vom Husse1'l-Archiv (Louvain) unlet' Leitung vonH. L. Van Breda, vol. I (The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff, 1950), pages 3-39. Both my translation of the Paris Lectures and the Introductory Essay had been completed before the appearance of two sub stantial scholarly achievements: Dorion Cairns' faithful trans lation ...

The Paris Lectures 1975, Springer

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The Paris Lectures 1967, Springer, Dordrecht

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The Paris Lectures 1964, Springer, Dordrecht

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