The Magic Doe: Qutban Suhravardi's Mirigavati


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Mirigavati or The Magic Doe is the work of Shaikh Qutban Suhravardi, an Indian Sufi master who was also an expert poet and storyteller attached to the glittering court-in-exile of Sultan Husain Shah Sharqi of Jaunpur. Composed in 1503 as an introduction to mystical practice for disciples, this powerful Hindavi or early Hindi Sufi romance is a richly layered and sophisticated text, simultaneously a spiritual enigma and an exciting love story full of adventures. The Mirigavati is both an excellent introduction to Sufism ...

The Magic Doe: Qutban Suhravardi's Mirigavati 2011, Oxford University Press, USA, Oxford, England

ISBN-13: 9780199842926