The Lowdown - Justin Timberlake
Track Listing
  1. Introduction
  2. Justin
  3. JC
  4. Chris
  5. Joey
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  1. Introduction
  2. Justin
  3. JC
  4. Chris
  5. Joey
  6. Getting Started
  7. Lance
  8. In Sync
  9. In with the Big Boys
  10. Walt's Wonderboys
  11. Megastore Mania
  12. Introduction
  13. Starting Young
  14. Getting in Sync
  15. Lucky Break
  16. Fast Ride to the Top
  17. Challenge for the Children
  18. Dating the Princess of Pop
  19. Collaborations
  20. Justified
  21. Bad Boy Justin
  22. Still 'n Sync?
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The Lowdown is a two-CD audio documentary about Justin Timberlake. Read by Isabelle Woods and Shawn Jones, the story starts with his early days on Star Search and The Mickey Mouse Club and concludes with his work as a solo artist. A large part of the first CD is dedicated to specific details about Timberlake and his *NSYNC bandmates, Chris, JC, Joey, and Lance, and follows their rise to fame while interjecting audio clips from interviews. Learning about the pop star's career (as well as specifics, such as his love for ...

The Lowdown 2013, Sexy Intellectual

UPC: 823564630625