Hugo, the Duke of Wynchester enjoys many affaires de coeur and his latest lover, the beautiful but scheming and spoilt Olive Lady Brandon, is trying to blackmail him into marriage by forcing her husband to divorce her. Storming angrily from her house, Hugo finds a strange stowaway aboard his carriage. It transpires that this frail elfin beauty is none other that Janeta Brandon, Olive's step-daughter, and that she is fleeing the marriage her stepmother has arranged to an old man known to beat not only his servants and horses ...

The Love Trap 1994, Magna Large Print Books, Long Preston

ISBN-13: 9780750505819

Large type / large print


Love Trap 1986, Jove Books

ISBN-13: 9780515087147

Mass-market paperback

Love Trap 1986, Macmillan, London

ISBN-13: 9780330295024