Fifth Year Course In Eight Volumes. Volume 1, Medea, Hippolytus, The Trojan Women, By Euripides, Thoactetus, By Plato, Physics, Book 4, Selections By Aristotle; Volume 2, The Aeneid, By Virgil; Volume 3, The Little Flowers, By St. Francis Of Assisi And On Man, By St. Thomas Aquinas; Volume 4, The Divine Comedy, By Dante; Volume 5, The Dignity Of Man, By Pice Della Mirandola, Principles Of Human Knowledge, By Berkley, Mathematical Principles, Selections By Newton; Volume 6, Life Of Johnson, Selections By Reswell, And ...

The Little Flowers, and on Man: The Great Books, Readings for Discussion, Fifth Year, V3 2012, Literary Licensing, LLC, Whitefish MT

ISBN-13: 9781258365943