Exmoor, 1458 - Richard Lanyon is a free man, but resents having to answer to the aristocratic Sweetwater family. But even noblemen do not have the power to contain Richard, a man who seizes any opportunity to become a landowner in his own right - and is prepared to forfeit the happiness of his family to do so.Aiming to create a dynasty, Richard arranges his son Peter to marry a clever and hardworking woman, one he hopes will bear sons. Though Peter and his bride Lisa settle into their marriage, each harbours a broken heart, ...

The House of Lanyon 2008, Mira Books

ISBN-13: 9780778325925

Mass-market paperback

The House of Lanyon 2008, Mira Books, Don Mills

ISBN-13: 9780778302308

Trade paperback

The House of Lanyon 2007, Mira Books

ISBN-13: 9780778325024


The House Of Lanyon 2007, Mira, Chatswood

ISBN-13: 9781741165890