The Green Hornet Strikes Again [Serial] ()

directed by Ford I. Beebe, John Rawlins
featuring Warren Hull, Keye Luke, Pierre Watkin, Eddie Acuff, Wade Boteler

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A sequel to The Green Hornet, The Green Hornet Strikes Again is a 15-chapter serial that was based upon characters from the popular radio and pulp series. The Green Hornet (Warren Hull) is actually Britt Reid, fearless newspaper publisher, who dons the Hornet's guise to battle criminals that have managed to escape the long arm of the law -- aided, of course, by his invaluable sidekick, Kato (Keye Luke). As Strikes Again opens, Reid and Kato are enjoying a well-earned vacation in Hawaii. Their respite is short-lived, however ...

The Green Hornet Strikes Again 2009,

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