Sienna, the young chief of a vanishing tribe, is given a second chance to bring abundance to his people when white traders bestow a gun the fire stick upon him. The power of the fire stick brings him great renown and his people flourish for a time. Little does he know that his spreading fame will cause the downfall of his people as they are captured by a rival tribe and dragged away into slavery. Sienna knows that rather than resist or fight, he must bear the troubles of his captive people and wait for his destiny foretold ...

The Great Slave 2016, Trails & Saddles

ISBN-13: 9781531886585

MP3 format

The Great Slave 2011, Fantasy and Horror Classics, Alcester

ISBN-13: 9781447404613

Trade paperback

The Great Slave 2000, DH Audio

ISBN-13: 9781552046395

Audiobook cassette