After finding himself dead from a bike accident, Harry emerges on the Other Side, a strange land where the sun is always setting but never quite disappears, and dead people wander about, waiting to move on to the Great Blue Yonder. Harry's not sure exactly what the Great Blue Yonder is, but he doesn't want to go there until he's found some way to let his sister know that he's sorry for the mean things he said to her just before the accident. To do that, he'll have to return to Earth as a ghost--and face what life there is ...

The Great Blue Yonder 2017, Audible Studios on Brilliance

ISBN-13: 9781536642292

MP3 format

The Great Blue Yonder 2004, Apple Paperbacks (Scholastic), New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9780439561273

Trade paperback

The Great Blue Yonder 2002, Clarion Books, New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9780618212576