It seems,at last,that the Red Squirrels have found the perfect haven in Ourland,free from natural predators.But when Chip invents a bark-rush calculator,Marguerite the seeker begins to realise that without predators,the island will soon be overrun with more squirrels than it can support.Ex-Kingz-Mate Thizle seems to hold a secret solution,but cannot divulge it.The puzzling words of the young squirrels' chant may contain a prophecy.And the youngsters are becoming strangely restless. Then the old Grey Lord Malachite and the ...

The Golden Flight 1996, Orion mass market paperback, London

ISBN-13: 9780752806181

New edition

Mass-market paperback

The Golden Flight 1995, Orion, London

ISBN-13: 9781857976755