In the late 1960's Harlan Ellison launched a weekly column for the Los Angeles Free Press where he uncompromisingly discussed the effects of television on modern society. He assaulted everything from television sitcoms to corrupt politicians, talk-shows to military massacres. Today, more than four decades later, almost all of his criticism still holds true. E-Reads and Ellison's company, Edgeworks Abbey, are proud to make this first collection of 52 outspoken columns widely available for the first time in some 40 years. Don ...

The Glass Teat 2013, E-Reads

ISBN-13: 9780759230309

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The Glass Teat 1983, Ace Books

ISBN-13: 9780441289882

Mass-market paperback

The Glass Teat 1978, Savoy Books, Manchester

ISBN-13: 9780861300044

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