Book Two of the Chronicles of Hawklan. The darkness of ancient times is spreading over the land of Fyorlund and tainting even the Great Harmony of Orthlund. The ailing King Rgoric has imprisoned the much-loved and respected Lords Eldric, Arinndier, Darek and Hreldar; he has suspended the ancient ruling council of the Geadrol; he has formed his own High Guard, filling its ranks with violent unruly men; and Mandrocs have been seen even in Orthlund. At the centre of this corruption is the King's advisor, the evil Lord Dan-Tor, ...

The Fall of Fyorlund 2018, Bladud Books, Bath

ISBN-13: 9781843199496

Large type / large print edition


The Fall of Fyorlund 2007, Bladud Books, Bath

ISBN-13: 9781843192749

Trade paperback

The Fall of Fyorlund 1989, Headline Book Publishing, London

ISBN-13: 9780747231189

Mass-market paperback