The Essential Earth


The Essential Earth is a whole new way to open students' eyes to the physical world around them, to learn how scientists explore it, and what we need to do to both protect ourselves from it (hazards) as well as protect it from us (global change). In just 14 chapters, it offers a well-focused introduction to the basics of geology that emphasize the process of science and how humans interact with our home, Spaceship Earth.

The Essential Earth 2011, W. H. Freeman

ISBN-13: 9781429255240

2nd edition

Trade paperback

The Essential Earth 2010, W.H. Freeman & Company

ISBN-13: 9781429268332

Unknown binding

The Essential Earth 2009, W. H. Freeman

ISBN-13: 9781429239530


The Essential Earth 2008, W. H. Freeman, New York, NY

ISBN-13: 9781429204293

Trade paperback