Hiking the Appalachian Trail with their friends, Chet, Phil, and Biff, the Hardys hit a snag when daredevil Biff gets hurt. The old mining town of Morgan's Quarry is the nearest place for help. But even the run-down, isolated town turns menacing when two tough locals drop a bag full of money in front of the brothers! Joe and Frank are stonewalled when they ask about the money. The roads are washed out, the phones are down, and a crumbling mansion hides a gold mine of secrets. Every fork in the road leads to more danger.. ...

The End of the Trail 2000, Turtleback Books

ISBN-13: 9780613278065

Bound for Schools & Libraries edition


The End of the Trail 1999, Simon & Schuster, New York

ISBN-13: 9780671047597

Trade paperback