You've been to Disneyland...You've seen Westworld...You've read Dreampark...Now, in the 21st century, experience your wildest fantasies come true in Dreamland! Beyond rides, beyond robots and simulations, beyond illusions, lasers, and holograms, Dreamland takes you out of your body and into computer-generated worlds where anything you can imagine is possible! Ride the open prairie with Jessie James or Billy the Kid, in Frontierworld. Sprout gills and experience an undersea adventure in Oceanworld. Hunt Dinosaurs and meet ...

The Dreamland Chronicles 2005, Meisha Merlin Publishing, Decatur

ISBN-13: 9781892065599


The Dreamland Chronicles 2002, Meisha Merlin Publishing

ISBN-13: 9781892065605

MM Pub edition

Trade paperback