The Devil has slippery shoes; a biased biography of the Child Development Group of Mississippi.


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Civil rights, 1960's Mississippi, racism, classism, a huge grassroots Head Start Project (black people vs. the U.S. government), unique education for low-income children (in inspiring detail), social change (rapid reform, the author calls it). A sunken treasure, published in the 60's by Macmillan & out of print for 15 years, a remarkable piece of history rescued. Can be read as 1. the ignored chapter in 60's Mississippi civil rights history when protest became program & black people were finally freed from financial slavery ...

The Devil Has Slippery Shoes: A Biased Biography of the Child Development Group of Mississippi: A Story of Maximum Feasible Poor Parent Participation 1990, Youth Policy Institute, Washington, DC

ISBN-13: 9780962844102