The Cruising Multihull


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Long typecast as the hotrods of the sea--fast but dangerous--modern cruising multihulls actually are among the safest and most comfortable cruising sailboats available. Modern multihulls offer significant advantages over single-hull sailboats: They sail faster, have more living space, they're more comfortable, more stable, they can sail safely in much shallower water, and, because their stability comes from widely spaced hulls and not from tons of lead hung off the keel, they don't sink. Given the ultimate disaster, which ...

The Cruising Multihull 1996, International Marine Publishing

ISBN-13: 9780070698680

Revised edition

Trade paperback

The Cruising Multihull 1991, Thomas Reed Publications, Bradford-On-Avon

ISBN-13: 9781853102875


The Cruising Multihull 1990, International Marine Publishing

ISBN-13: 9780877422648