The Christmas That Almost Wasn't ()

directed by Rossano Brazzi
featuring Rossano Brazzi, Paul Tripp, Alberto Rabagliati, Lydia Brazzi, Mischa Auer

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In this tuneful Italian holiday film a scroogy old miser decides to evict Santa Clause and Company from the North Pole because the dead-beats are behind on their rent. Children from around the world rally 'round the Jolly One and send him their pennies and save the day. Songs include: "Christmas Is Coming," "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't," "Hustle Bustle," "I'm Bad," "Kids Get All the Breaks," "The Name of the Song Is Prune," "Nothing to Do But Wait," "Santa Claus (Round)," "Time for Christmas," "What Are Children Like ...

The Christmas That Almost Wasn't 2003, Childhood Production

UPC: 759731408721