Randall Haight has a secret: when he was a teenager, he and his friend killed a 14-year-old girl. Randall did his time and built a new life in the small Maine town of Pastor's Bay, but somebody has discovered the truth about Randall. He is being tormented by anonymous messages, haunting reminders of his past crime, and he wants private detective Charlie Parker to make it stop. But another 14-year-old girl has gone missing, this time from Pastor's Bay, and the missing girl's family has its own secrets to protect. Now ...

The Burning Soul 2013, Charnwood, Antsey

ISBN-13: 9781444814422

Large type / large print edition


The Burning Soul 2012, Pocket Books

ISBN-13: 9781439165287

Mass-market paperback

The Burning Soul 2012, ISIS Audio Books, Oxford

ISBN-13: 9781445017181

Unabridged edition

Audiobook CD