The Book in the Jewish World, 1700-1900


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This book offers the reader a voyage in the new world that opened up to Jewish men, women, and children in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, a time when the first glimmerings of emancipation and secular education were giving large numbers of Jews their first exposure to science, literature, and art, and opening their minds to new ideas. And as on any voyage led by a knowledgeable guide, there are fascinating side-trips along the way: insights into the world of scholarship, then and now, and into the nature of ...

Book in the Jewish World, 1700-1900 2009, Littman Library of Jewish Civilization in Association with Liverpool..., Oxford, UK

ISBN-13: 9781906764050

Revised edition

Trade paperback

The Book in the Jewish World, 1700-1900 2007, Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, Oxford, England

ISBN-13: 9781874774990