The Biology of Wool and Hair


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Acknowledgements xi 1. Recent Trends in the Wool Industry and Some Long-Term Policy Issues 1 R. Richardson STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF THE HAIR FOLLICLE 2. Morphogenesis of the Hair Follicle during the Ontogeny of Human Skin 15 KA. Holbrook, C. Fisher, BA. Dale and R. Hartley 3. Specific Keratins and their Associated Proteins as Markers for Hair Follicle Differentiation 37 W. M O'Guin, D. Dhouailly, M. Manabe and T. -T. Sun 4. The Dermal Papilla and Maintenance of Hair Growth 51 R. F. Oliver and CA. B. lahoda 5. Special ...

The Biology of Wool and Hair 2012, Springer, Dordrecht

ISBN-13: 9789401197045

1989 edition