The Avant-Garde ()


The Avant-Garde - John Coltrane/Don Cherry
Track Listing
  1. Cherryco
  2. Focus on Sanity
  3. The Blessing
  4. The Invisible
  5. Bemsha Swing

This album is rightfully co-credited to Don Cherry (trumpet), who ably trades blows with John Coltrane (tenor/soprano sax) throughout. The Avant-Garde also boasts the debut studio recording of Coltrane playing soprano sax -- on "The Blessing" -- in addition to his continuing advancements on tenor. Although these tracks were recorded during the summer of 1960, they remained shelved for nearly six years. Joining Coltrane and Cherry are essentially the rest of the members of the Ornette Coleman Quartet, Ed Blackwell (drums) ...

The Avant-Garde 1990, Atlantic

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