The Anti-Injustice Squad: The Cacomistle Team


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EVERY PERSON BORN ON THIS EARTH HAS THE RIGHT TO WALK THROUGH LIFE, UNMOLESTED, UNAFRAID. SENSI J.R. JENSEN, 1981 Roommates, Riley and Lila searched mountain cliffs for a missing five-year old girl. They see a man with a hang-glider on his back. I dont want to go said the little girl. The roommates rushed forward. The little girl jumped on Riley, arms around her neck, and legs around a slim waist. The man dipped his wing, knocked Lila down, and pushed Riley and the little girl off the 200-foot cliff, as he leaped ...

The Anti-Injustice Squad: The Cacomistle Team 2018, Archway Publishing

ISBN-13: 9781480858183

Trade paperback