Tenshi Ja NAI!! Vol. 1: I'm No Angel!


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In the play of life, all Hikaru Takabayashi wanted was to be part of the scenery, but fate had other ideas. When the 15-year-old introvert transfers to an all-girls academy, her new roommate turns out to be the super-popular TV idol Izumi Kido! As if living with a celebrity wasn't bad enough, Hikaru discovers that there's more to Izumi than her "good girl" image--she's a he! Now Hikaru's the unwilling star player in a madcap tale of deception, abduction, humiliation and blackmail...you know--the usual romantic stuff.

Tenshi Ja NAI!! Vol. 1: I'm No Angel! 2005, Go Comi, Agoura Hills

ISBN-13: 9780976895718

Trade paperback