Tchaikovsky - Jan Vogler (cello); Moritzburg Festival Ensemble; hr_Sinfonieorchester (Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra);...
Track Listing
  1. Sérénade mélancolique, for violin & orchestra (or piano) in B minor, Op. 26
  2. Variations on a Rococo Theme, for cello & orchestra (or cello & piano) in A major, Op. 33
  3. Meditation, for piano in D major, Op. 72/5
  4. Souvenir de Florence, for string sextet or string orchestra in D major, Op. 70

Cellist Jan Vogler could have used the Pezzo Capriccioso, Op. 62, in this group of pieces by Tchaikovsky; unlike the two short pieces here. There are also a fragmentary Tchaikovsky Cello Concerto and a Gaspar Cassadó "Tchaikovsky cello concerto" from 1940, arranged from piano pieces. But rather than try to collect every last scrap of Tchaikovsky's cello music, Vogler pursues a course that leads to a more coherent program: the use of the cello in a variety of works that explore the lighter, Mozartian side of Tchaikovsky's ...

Tchaikovsky 2016, Sony Classical

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