Through time and across continents, stories of sweets and their inventors intrigue and entertain us. Learn about primal sweets -- from honey, sweet milk, and nuts to sugar candy, chocolate, and "sweet" stories of success. Sweet! The Delicious Story of Candy takes us through history from 4,000 B.C., when islanders in Papua New Guinea cut sugarcane for its sap, and 2,600 B.C., when the first-known beekeepers produced honey to embalm the dead, to 500 A.D., when the Chinese made pear and plum syrups from unripe fruit, and ...

Sweet!: The Delicious Story of Candy 2009, Tundra Books (NY)

ISBN-13: 9780887769627

Trade paperback

Sweet!: The Delicious Story of Candy 2007, Tundra Books (NY), Toronto, Canada

ISBN-13: 9780887767524