Stoa - Nik Bärtsch's Ronin
Track Listing
  1. Modul 36
  2. Modul 35
  3. Modul 32
  4. Modul 33
  5. Modul 38_17

He may call it "Zen Funk," but the real question is, what the hell is it? Swiss pianist and composer Nik Bartsch's Ronin have issued their ECM debut, Stoa, the label well-known for its icy sounding, spacious jazz. ECM has been pushing the envelope for nearly 40 years, but with Ronin, they've pushed it beyond the pale into God knows what. This is not a bad thing, however. Ronin was a group created with the idea of playing live. And over the course of three previous records issued only in Europe, the band -- birthed in 2001 ...

Stoa 2006,

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