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Soon Over Babaluma - Can
Track Listing
  1. Dizzy Dizzy/Czukay/Karo]
  2. Come Sta, La Luna/Czukay/Karo]
  3. Splash/Czukay/Davi]
  4. Chain Reaction/Czukay/Karo]
  5. Quantum Physics/Czukay/Karo]

With Suzuki departed, vocal responsibilities were now split between Karoli and Schmidt. Wisely, neither try to clone Mooney or Suzuki, instead aiming for their own low-key way around things. The guitarist half speaks/half whispers his lines on the opening groover, "Dizzy Dizzy," while on "Come Sta, La Luna" Schmidt uses a higher pitch that is mostly buried in the background. Czukay sounds like he's throwing in some odd movie samples on that particular track, though perhaps it's just heavy flanging on Schmidt's vocals. ...

Soon Over Babaluma 2009, Mute US

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Soon Over Babaluma 1998, Mute

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