"It started with a single child, and quickly spread: you could get high by drinking your own shadow. At night, lights were destroyed so that addicts could sip shadow in the pure light of the moon. Gangs of shadow addicts chased down children on playgrounds, rounded up old ladies from retirement homes. Cities were destroyed and governments fell. If your shadow was consumed by addicts, you were forced to sip shadows yourself, or go mad. Now it is 150 years later, and what's left of the world is divided between the highly ...

Sip 2018, Soho Press

ISBN-13: 9781616959517

Trade paperback

Sip 2017, Soho Press

ISBN-13: 9781616958275


Sip 2017, HighBridge Audio, Old Saybrook

ISBN-13: 9781681686233

Audiobook CD