Shown Actual Size - I Am Spoonbender
Track Listing
  1. I Went and Had My Knives Sharpened
  2. Remover-Installer
  3. Re-Dial Meant 'Remember'

After drinking in the stunning Hipgnosis-designed cover, you would be forgiven for believing that you had stumbled back into the psychotropic '70s. However the more you study the artwork -- striking in its seeming ordinariness -- the further transcendent it appears, its glacial, shape-shifting qualities masking a visionary message that vibrates just beneath the surface. In other words, it is the perfect visual fašade for the radical art of I Am Spoonbender. With the band's music, artifice always, at first, seems both medium ...

Shown Actual Size 2002, Gold Standard Laboratories

UPC: 613505006028