Saguaro: The Desert Giant - Humphreys, Anna, and Lowell, Susan, and Humphreys, Glyn
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Ask a Child to draw a picture of a cactus, and the result will probably look like a saguaro. Indeed, mass media have made this denizen of the Sonoran Desert universally recognizable, and perhaps just as misunderstood. In Saguaro: The Desert Giant, Anna Humphreys and Susan Lowell share true stories about this amazing, anthropomorphic cactus that are at least as intriguing as the folklore. A saguaro can grow to be a towering fifty feet or more and live for as long as two centuries. During rainy seasons, a large saguaro can ...

Saguaro: The Desert Giant 2002, Rio Nuevo Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781887896306

Trade paperback