Sacred Tibetan Chant - The Monks of Sherab Ling Monastery
Track Listing
  1. Mahamudra Lineage Prayer and Meditation
  2. Mahakala Puja: Invocation and Offering to Mahakala
  3. Mahakala Puja: Receiving Blessings and Dedicating the Merit to ...

The Monks of Sherab Ling Monastery might not be the brand name in Tibetan Buddhist chant (that honor has to go to the Gyuto Monks, who have been championed by no less than Mickey Hart and Kitaro), but that doesn't make them second rate. The huge monastery, located in India (it houses over 3000 monks) is a center of learning and prayer, which is reflected on a disc that cuts to the heart of the spirit in astonishing fashion. The three long tracks (one of which clocks in at almost 30 minutes) and remarkable meditative ...

Sacred Tibetan Chant 2003, Naxos

UPC: 636943704424