In the five years of his life that this book traces, Rusty's story is taken forward to his adolescent years. His world is turned topsy-turvy as many upheavals besiege him. After his father and grandmother pass away in quick succession, the twelve-year-old is left in the care of a guardian, Mr Harrison, in Dehra. But after a mysterious incident involving his stepfather and the gardener, he is sent away to boarding school. Restlessness compels him to run away from school, with an ambition to travel the world. But the plan ...

Rusty Runs Away 2014, Puffin

ISBN-13: 9780143333395


Rusty Runs Away 2014, Prhi

ISBN-13: 9780143432388

Trade paperback

Rusty Runs Away 2003, Puffin Books, New Delhi, India

ISBN-13: 9780143335436