"Once upon a time in New Jersey, there lived a freelance writer named Lily Adams. When she journeys to the magical city of Paris, she discovers the food is rich, the wine is potent ... and one particular Frenchman, Jack Montford, is absolutely irresistible! What Lily doesn't know is that she's actually flirting with a real prince in disguise. Jack is heir to a title and property, not to mention a world-renowned perfume company. And as the Comte de Brissard he's had a mess of trouble with women, especially in finding one who ...

Royally Seduced 2013, Mills & Boon, Richmond

ISBN-13: 9780263905113

Library edition


Royally Seduced 2011, Harlequin, Toronto, Canada

ISBN-13: 9780373796489

Mass-market paperback