Retrospective - Bread
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  1. Dismal Day
  2. London Bridge
  3. Any Way You Want Me
  4. The Last Time
  5. Could I
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  1. Dismal Day
  2. London Bridge
  3. Any Way You Want Me
  4. The Last Time
  5. Could I
  6. Friends and Lovers
  7. Look at Me
  8. Make It with You
  9. Look What You've Done
  10. Been Too Long on the Road
  11. Why Do You Keep Me Waiting
  12. Call on Me
  13. It Don't Matter to Me
  14. Let Your Love Go
  15. He's a Good Lad
  16. Live in Your Love
  17. She Was My Lady
  18. If
  19. Too Much Love
  20. Take Comfort
  21. Truckin'
  22. Down on My Knees
  23. Daughter
  24. Games of Magic
  25. Just Like Yesterday
  26. Mother Freedom
  27. Baby I'm-A Want You
  28. Everything I Own
  29. Diary
  30. The Guitar Man
  31. Aubrey
  32. Fancy Dancer
  33. Sweet Surrender
  34. Yours for Life
  35. She Knows
  36. Clouds
  37. I Use the Soap
  38. Sail Around the World
  39. Ann
  40. Never Let Her Go
  41. Part Time Love
  42. Lost Without Your Love
  43. She's the Only One
  44. Hooked on You
  45. The Chosen One
  46. Goodbye Girl
  47. Took the Last Train
  48. Where Does the Lovin' Go
  49. Take Me Now
  50. For All We Know
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Retrospective is the definitive compilation of Bread, perhaps the definitive soft rock group of the '70s. If anything, it may be too comprehensive for most listeners. Covering the entire course of Bread's career, plus selected highlights from David Gates in the late '70s and early '80s, the compilation spans two very full compact discs. For those who want more than the hits but are unwilling to delve into individual albums, the collection is ideal. Listeners who want the hits might find the album tracks a little tedious. ...

Retrospective 1996, Rhino

UPC: 081227350925