Retrospectacle: The Supertramp Anthology ()


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Retrospectacle: The Supertramp Anthology - Supertramp
Track Listing
  1. Surely
  2. Your Poppa Don't Mind
  3. Land Ho
  4. Summer Romance
  5. School
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  1. Surely
  2. Your Poppa Don't Mind
  3. Land Ho
  4. Summer Romance
  5. School
  6. Bloody Well Right
  7. Dreamer
  8. Rudy
  9. Crime of the Century
  10. Sister Moonshine
  11. Ain't Nobody But Me
  12. Lady
  13. Two of Us
  14. Give a Little Bit
  15. Downstream
  16. Even in the Quietest Moments
  17. From Now On
  18. Gone Hollywood
  19. The Logical Song
  20. Goodbye Stranger
  21. Breakfast in America
  22. Oh Darling
  23. Take the Long Way Home
  24. You Started Laughing
  25. It's Raining Again
  26. My Kind of Lady
  27. Don't Leave Me Now
  28. Cannonball
  29. Free as a Bird
  30. You Win, I Lose
  31. Another Man's Woman
  32. Over You
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Considering their career spanned close to 30 years, it's amazing how condensed most people's vision of Supertramp has become. Or maybe not. Few listeners, after all, would disagree that their prime period encompassed the mere six or so years that divided Crime of the Century (their third album) from Breakfast in America (their sixth), and that the pile of vinyl on either side of that is more or less padding. Certainly Retrospectacle has no problem with that scenario. A completist's eye for affairs does permit the first two ...

Retrospectacle: The Supertramp Anthology 2005, A&M

UPC: 602498858141