Geography with twice the gritty bits! Dive into the murky waters and. * Scream! as you peer over the edge of a roaring waterfall. * Defy death! by tucking into a poisonous pufferfish . and surviving. * Tremble! when you go white-water rafting through hair-raising rapids. Raging Rivers takes you on a turbulent river tour from ice cap to ocean. PLUS read the secret diary of a brave river explorer and get to know your watery wildlife with our spotter's guide. Odious Oceans leads you down to the seabed, where you can uncover ...

Raging Rivers and Odious Oceans 2005, Scholastic, London

ISBN-13: 9780439960830


Raging Rivers: AND Odious Oceans 2001, Scholastic Hippo, London

ISBN-13: 9780439994118