In Edward Whittemore s masterful and surreal alternate history, a man s search for answers about his vanished parents propels him on an odyssey from the present into the past, from a bar in the Bronx to Tokyo and Shanghai during the Second World War. Quin, born in China and raised in the Bronx, is orphaned in the closing days of the Second World War when his parents go missing and are presumed dead in Shanghai. Years later, in a Bronx bar, Quin encounters a stranger who hints that he can uncover the secrets of his past by ...

Quin's Shanghai Circus 2016, Audible Studios on Brilliance

ISBN-13: 9781531816995

MP3 format

Quin's Shanghai Circus 2002, Old Earth Books, Baltimore, MD

ISBN-13: 9781882968213

Trade paperback

Quin's Shanghai circus. 1974, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York

ISBN-13: 9780030114410