Projective Geometry and Formal Geometry


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The aim of this monograph is to introduce the reader to modern methods of projective geometry involving certain techniques of formal geometry. Some of these methods are illustrated in the first part through the proofs of a number of results of a rather classical flavor, involving in a crucial way the first infinitesimal neighbourhood of a given subvariety in an ambient variety. Motivated by the first part, in the second formal functions on the formal completion X/Y of X along a closed subvariety Y are studied, particularly ...

Projective Geometry and Formal Geometry 2012, Birkhauser

ISBN-13: 9783034896269

Softcover Reprint of the Origi edition

Trade paperback

Projective Geometry and Formal Geometry 2004, Birkhauser, Basel, Switzerland

ISBN-13: 9783764371234

2004 edition