Positive 1d and 2D Systems


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This text is devoted to the positive multivariable 1D and 2D linear, time-invariant, finite-dimensional system. The book is based on the author's lectures for Ph.D. students, delivered at Warsaw University of Technology in the academic year 1999/2000. The book consists of two parts; the first part is devoted to the 1D positive linear systems and the second to the 2D positive linear systems described by the Rosser model and the Fornasini-Marchesini models. Definitions, basic properties and theorems concerning positive ...

Positive 1d and 2D Systems 2012, Springer

ISBN-13: 9781447110972

Softcover Reprint of the Origi edition

Trade paperback

Positive 1d and 2D Systems 2001, Springer, London, England

ISBN-13: 9781852335083