Plane Algebraic Curves


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In a detailed and comprehensive introduction to the theory of plane algebraic curves, the authors examine this classical area of mathematics that both figured prominently in ancient Greek studies and remains a source of inspiration and a topic of research to this day. Arising from notes for a course given at the University of Bonn in Germany, "Plane Algebraic Curves" reflects the authors' concern for the student audience through its emphasis on motivation, development of imagination, and understanding of basic ideas. As ...

Plane Algebraic Curves 2014, Birkhauser

ISBN-13: 9783034850995

1986 edition

Trade paperback

Plane Algebraic Curves 2012, Springer Basel

ISBN-13: 9783034804929

2012 edition

Trade paperback

Plane Algebraic Curves 1986, Birkhauser, Basel, Switzerland

ISBN-13: 9783764317690