Perseus Spur: The Rampart Worlds: Book 1


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A gripping sf adventure from the acclaimed author of The Pliocene Exile series.`I was living in pleasant anonymity under the name of Helmut Icicle, taking smartass sport-divers out on holocam trips around the reefs of Kedge-Lockaby. Fourteen thousand light years away from civilization, K-L's a freesoil planet way out in the boondocks, and that's the way I like it: it makes life easier if no-one asks nosy questions.`So one minute there I was, subbing around Brillig Reef; the next thing I know, some giant sea-toad has eaten ...

Perseus Spur: The Rampart Worlds: Book 1 1999, Voyager, London

ISBN-13: 9780006482130

Mass-market paperback