For ages 3-9... Have you ever had a REALLY R-R-Ruff Ruff day, felt different, been picked on or been left out? Well, Patcheeno knows what that's all about. Just read about this adore-a-bull patch-eyed pup, and in a while, he'll steal your heart, and give you a great big PIT BULL smile that will reach up to the Dog Star and stretch out for a K9 mile. Are you ready? Come, sit, stay and follow in Patcheeno's brave paw prints as he goes off to his first day at the very cool, R-Tailz A-Wagging School. As if it wasn't hard enough ...

Patcheeno's R-R-Ruff Ruff Day 2015, Mirror Publishing

ISBN-13: 9781612252797

Trade paperback