Lawrence Grey is called El Diablo -- the devil -- though he's fair-haired and has a boyish grin. But no jail can hold him, and some swear that he is the fastest gun alive. Both sheriffs and outlaws get out of his way when he comes to town. Yet everyone has Grey pegged as a goner when he agrees to ride to Mexico to track down Johnny Ray, a man who has been missing for fifteen years. Ray is now the heir to a large fortune -- but there's a reward of $50,000 for Grey, dead or alive, offered by those who want to keep Ray from ...

Outlaw's Code 2007, Center Point, Thorndike, ME

ISBN-13: 9781602850569

Large type / large print


Outlaw's Code 1980, Ace Books

ISBN-13: 9780441586950

Mass-market paperback