Rod Clement's beautifully detailed and exuberant artwork teamed with rhyming text tells the story of boisterous Olga and all of her tropical wetland friends. Olga must dance now but who will dance with her 'I want to dance NOW, I want to flap, kick and jump!' 'Well, don't jump on me!' Said a small brown lump. Olga the brolga is in a terrible mood. She desperately wants to dance - but no-one will dance with her. Her parents have other things to do; Ellie the crocodile doesn't feel like jumping around; and Joanna Jacana only ...

Olga The Brolga 2005, HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd, New South Wales

ISBN-13: 9780207197581


Olga the Brolga 2004, HarperCollins Australia

ISBN-13: 9780207197017