A cumulative calamities book Mr. Reez lives in a quiet little apartment, with his quiet little dog. Nothing significant ever happens in his life until the day he sprinkles pepper on his salad and the breeze from the open window swirls it up his nose. "AAAAAchooo!" he gasps. It is a Guinness World Book of Records sort of sneeze that blows Mr. Reez right out the window and across the lawn, just missing a bus. The neighbors lean out their windows to see where the quiet little man from 3C is going. Mr. Reez is flying at the ...

Mr. Reez's Sneezes 1999, Scholastic Inc

ISBN-13: 9780439272872

Unknown binding

Mr. Reez's Sneezes 1999, Annick Press

ISBN-13: 9781550375565

Trade paperback

Mr. Reez's Sneezes 1999, Annick Press, Toronto, Canada

ISBN-13: 9781550375572