Monster Smackdown - Marrion, Thom, and Brooks, Deidre, and Jurkat, M Alexander
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Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, and a Slayer's gotta have something to slay. Fortunately for her, there's no shortage of vamps, demons, nasties, and Big Bads wandering around out there. And when the latte hits the fan, knowing an Acathla from a Gorch can save the world. The keys to combating these charmless creatures of nightmare are all here, in vivid detail. Buffy: To make you a vampire, they have to suck your blood and then you have to suck their blood; it's like a whole big sucking thing. -1.1 Welcome to the Hellmouth ...

Monster Smackdown 2006, Eden Studios

ISBN-13: 9781891153907